East Farleigh Village Plan What's Happening Now and Next

18.01.2013 The Lottery Funding (Awards for All) has now been used to engage local consultants DHA to carry out a study of the traffic and safety issues in the parts of the village highlighted as particularly dangerous in the original Village Plan.

Following receipt of their report, a public meeting was held in the Old School Hall over two days early in December. Independent Consultants CSC presented the DHA recommendations and invited residents (and people who regularly come into the village, eg. parents of pupils at the three schools) to comment and express preferences for the suggested solutions.

These were then collated and analysed by CSC and presented in a report for VPAG, the Parish Council and village residents to reflect upon. Both these reports can be accessed through the links below.

VPAG is currently consulting with Councillors and officers from Kent Highways to explore some of the suggested options in greater detail, while asking the Parish Council for its support in addressing the simpler suggestions made in DHA's report (and that received widespread support from villagers) as quickly as possible.

It is hoped that detailed discussion of the reports and recommendations will take place at the 12th March meeting of the Parish Council. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to make their thoughts known.

18/7/2012 The group has been successful in its bid for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The money (£9,370) will be used to fund a survey to consider improvements to pedestrian safety and traffic management at the junctions at The Bull / Vicarage Lane / Forge Lane and at the other (Dean Street) end of Forge Lane.

Meanwhile, as can be seen from its minutes, the Parish Council is preparing to consult residents on a proposed car park in Vicarage Lane in attempt to resolve the school-time parking problems.

7/3/2012 A meeting was held for residents to express their views on the proposed feasibility study, which the Action Group will consider before making their next steps.

Following the meeting a local resident offered the Parish Council an opportunity to purchase some land adjacent to the school in order to create a car park for use by parents.

This is currently being pursued by the Parish Council and, if successful, will obviously influence how the proposed feasibility study will be taken forward.

A note of the meeting and attendance register can be seen here, Village Paln Minutes and Meeting...

14/12/2011. After this week's Parish Council meeting it was agreed that a public meeting would be held in the Old School Hall enabling villagers to review the proposed brief for the feasibility study that is to investigate options for a village green and traffic/highway improvements in the village.

Villagers will be invited to make suggestions on how the brief can be improved, and to help shape the way we address the remaining objectives set out in the Village Plan. We hope as many people as possible will come along with their ideas and questions.

It is anticipated that the meeting will be held early in the New Year and the date will be posted on this site and announced in Grapevine as soon as it is decided.

Up to date information about progress will be added to this page as it becomes available.

2/11/2011. The Village Plan Action Group (VPAG) met to consider the results of the survey about a Village Centre/Green Feasibility Study. The results were as follows:

Summary of Survey Result
Questionnaires distributed c650
Questionnaires returned 37 Posted 15 by Hand 171 collected
Response rate 34%
Votes for 136 61%
Votes Against 83 37.2
Abstain 4 1.8
Contribution to cost offered 25 11.2%

There were numerous comments, as well as a lengthy letter, both for and against the study. These are available for inspection here... Download Survey Comments and the letters refered to are here... download letter 1, download letter 2

VPAG decided, therefore, to proceed with the study and will now meet with a representative of DHA Planning to work on a commissioning brief for it. All comments made by residents in response to the Group's survey, along with the Village Plan itself, will be taken into account when agreeing the brief.

Before the commissioning brief is finalised VPAG will make it available to the Parish Council and invite the Council's comments. Once finalised, the commissioning document will be published on this website. Any proposals from the study will then be subject to full public discussion with the Parish Council and village residents.

9/10/2011. Currently, a questionnaire has been circulated to all households to test village opinion on whether or not to proceed with feasibility study to consider ideas for a village centre along with improvements to traffic congestion and, possibly, the acquisition of an orchard for village use.

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