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Alice Wood, who lives in East Farleigh, is standing up to cancer in the boxing ring!

In Alice's own word's...

Next Sunday 4th December 2016, I will be stepping into a boxing ring (eek!) to fight at an Ultra White Collar Boxing event in Gillingham Kent. I am a new mum with lots of wobbly bits so I must admit, I'm very scared! But hey, it's a challenge that I couldn't refuse and more importantly, it's to raise money for a fantastic charity.

I have already raised £2,000 by bombarding my work colleagues with emails, hogging everyone's Facebook timelines and I have even put myself on ebay to see how many bids I can get! I am a complete beginner and never boxed before in my life so I've had 8 weeks of training to get into shape, build some confidence and then hopefully kick some a***!

The link below is for online donations to Cancer Research UK.


At least if I don't win the fight, hopefully I can be the biggest fundraiser!!

Thanks in advance for your support - Let's beat cancer sooner!!

Posted: Thur, 28 Nov 2016 23:55:13